Sunday, July 25, 2010

100 Miles

Finally hit 100 miles in a pair of Vibram KSOs while using RunKeeper as the tracker. Great combination. Huge difference from the start. No more shin splints, no more ankle pain.

Barefoot (Minimalist) Running

I started running again in about December 09 after a 10 year plus hiatus. By January, I was already miserable from shin splints among other pains. After quite a bit of research, I went to Phillip Galls outdoor shop in Lexington, Ky. and tried out some Vibram Sprints. Debated on it for a couple of hours, went back, and they were sold out of every size. Checked the website and finally got a pair of KSOs in a week later (glad I went for those in retrospect). May have picked the coldest time possible to start something new as well.

The First Post!

This is the first post from the Three Hills! More to come.